May 4 Stability & Feeling Good workshop

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  • 4 april, 2014
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May 4
10.00 – 13.00
De Helende Huid
Burg. Vening Meineszlaan 207
Price: 30 euros

* Stability & Feeling Good in Your Own Skin

In this workshop we will be working on our physical body, our emotional body, our mental body and our energy body. The main foccus will be at the base of the spine and the perineum, the feet, legs and large intestine and is therefore also the process of elimination.

We work on our connection to the earth and the material world. Emotionally we will increase the vibrations of a sense of stability, security, structure and being grounded and feeling safe and comfortable in your own body. Mentally we aim for feeling at peace with yourself and the world, living in the present and creating a sense of prosperity consciousness.

Energy wise, we will work on a energy center that corresponds with all the physical, emotional and mental aspects above. We will release stagnant energies and increase the flow and vibration of this center, which will affect all other layers of your body.

This practise will be foccusing on mindful movement, kriya, breath work, mudra, mantra and meditation practises.

Places are limited so please register at or

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