Januari 22 Prenatale Meditaties: Mentale en Emotionele Balans

Physical and emotional changes are inevitable during pregnancy. Especially the initial stages can be trying dealing with emotional disturbances in your body as it is getting used to being pregnant.

Your pregnancy is a time where it is of great importance to maintain a positive attitude. Your baby is affected deeply by the emotional health of the mother. If you are a calm and positive, your baby will get the healthy and happy enzymes to grow. But if you go through anger and fear, your baby will be influenced in a negative way.

By being aware of your moods, emotions and mental states you can influence them in a positive way. Eating healthy and exercising is of great importance to maintain your balance, and meditations are a powerful way to relax and unwind and find your inner center again. Meditation is known to reduce stress, improve sleep and regulate hormone levels in your body.

Come and join Marlene for some meditations that will give you the tools to balance your mind and your emotions during your pregnancy.

Please wear comfortable clothes

To reserve your spot please contact Marlene at 06 57540490 or marlene@p-ure.nl

When: January 22
Time: 19.30 – 21.00
Where: The Space, Koninginneweg 217
Price: 25 euro

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