November 20 & 21 – Stress Release Meditations

We all bump into stressful situations in our daily lives. Sometimes the stress levels in our body and mind, rise to such levels that we feel overwhelmed and can’t seem to get rid of these emotions and thoughts. We get headaches, skin problems, trouble sleeping, we feel tired, irritated and all together out of balance. In the long run stress is a major factor in the development in all kinds of health and mental problems.
During this practice we will use breathing techniques
(pranayama) sound (mantra),
kriya (a completed action),
mudra (hand posture)
(dynamic) meditation techniques that will teach you how to expel built up stress in your body, heart and mind, regain your inner balance, find moments of peace and serenity in your busy lives.

This workshop is suitable for everyone (except pregnanct women) regardless of age, weight and experience.

Duration: 90 minutes per session
A 2 Part Course
When: Part 1: 20/11/12 & Part 2: 21/11/12
Price: Prepaid to save your spot
The whole course 40€
One day workshop 25€


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